Where is God During Crisis?

If you’ve been affected or discouraged by the recent hurricanes, fires, earthquake, or other tragedies, don’t lose hope. God is there, and He desires for you to set your eyes upon Him. I believe with all my heart that the amazing grace of God is just as relevant now as it has always been, and we can gain hope for tomorrow by focusing on the loving sacrifice the Jesus paid for us on the cross. If God loved us enough to send His Son to die for us, then I believe He loves us enough to comfort us during tragedy.

If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, call out to God today, ask Him to forgive your sin and change you. He loves you with an unending love, and He has made a way for you to be made perfect in His sight.


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    • I had those same questions at one point, so I understand your perspective. I had gotten to the point where I realized that God could have done something about my situation if He had wanted to, and I questioned Him about why He would let things get so bad. I got an answer I did not expect. God hadn’t let me down. He hadn’t forgotten to take care of my needs. He had allowed me to go through a difficult season of loneliness for two reasons. The first reason was so that I would turn to Him with all my heart and develop a deeper relationship with Him. When I handed control over to Him and said, “Lord, you do with my life what You want. I’m Yours,” He filled me with the Holy Spirit and comforted me in the middle of my trouble. I believe He wants to do the same thing for you.

      The second reason He allowed me to go through a season of loneliness was so that I would be able to minister to others who face the same thing. At the time, all I wanted was to change my situation, but God desired to build inside of me a desire to serve others. Now, I can look back and see how that time readied me to do what I’m doing now. When I think about that time, I wouldn’t want to change a thing about it, because now I’ve seen what God was able to use it for in my life and in the lives of others.

      Part of the struggle I went through after coming out of the lonely time of my life was facing the lies of the devil. I could not even tell that I had been believing lies about myself until other believers in my life pointed it out. For instance, I would think in my mind, “Nobody wants to be my friend,” even though I wouldn’t say it out loud all the time. Or I would think, “Nobody likes me.” You said that you feel like everyone hates you. Here’s the truth: that’s a lie. It’s a lie that’s meant to cripple you emotionally, but God does not want you to be burdened by that lie. He desires for you to be set free from that through the power of Jesus Christ.

      I encourage you to start right here: at the cross. God would rather come to the earth as a man, Jesus Christ, be mocked, beaten, whipped, and murdered on a cross than have to spend an eternity without you. He died a horrible death on that cross simply to give you a chance to spend eternity with Him. That’s how much He loves you, and that’s how much He desires to be your friend. Don’t ever let the devil tell you that nobody likes you. God made you for a reason. He designed you with a purpose, and He wants to know you on a more intimate level. On top of that, I believe that He desires to bring other believers into your life who will build you up and be there for you. I’m not saying everything is going to change overnight, but I am saying that you can trust God to have good plans in store for you. His plans are not always going to look the way we want them too, and drawing near to Him does mean that we have to be willing to repent of our sins and lay aside anything we’ve been putting above Him, however, His plans are always going to lead us to a better place. He knows what He is doing, and in the end, I believe He is going to use this time in your life for good.

      I hope that helps. God bless.


  • Troy, Im not sure if u have received my story , i have tried a few times to write to u. Im not sure, i should take it from the Lord that maybe im not supposed to get on to u. I am in a different situation and i am a believer but i feel i need help.

    • Elsie, I’m sorry for not seeing your messages before. I don’t always have time to respond, but I try to get to as many comments and messages as I’m able to. Do you have a specific question that you were looking to find an answer to? If so, I’m not a counselor, and there’s a lot that I don’t know, but I will be happy to attempt to answer your question.

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