Your Shame, God’s Grace | Sermon by Troy Black

Using my personal testimony story, I explain God’s reaction to our sin and shame. His response is better than we often assume. Whatever you have done or gone through, God’s grace is big enough to cover you. He loves you, and He still has a good plan for your life.

I gave this message at my old high school, Longview Christian School. You can learn more about it here.

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A couple notes on this video: In the video, I talk about my mother’s 5th pregnancy. Shortly after this talk, I realized that I had said the wrong number. Public speaking is not as easy as it looks! It was actually her 6th pregnancy. Also, I mention being 11 or 12, and I was actually 9. Thank you for giving me grace when it comes to the details. 🙂


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  • Hello, Sir.

    This is me, Irfan from Indonesia. Your personal story is really inspiring. You have motivated me. Sometimes, I complain my life to God because I have tried everything that I can do but why bad things constantly occur in my life.

    Thank you very much for this incredible sermon.

    • Irfan,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the sermon. Thanks for letting me know! Keep praying and believing that the words of God are true and trustworthy. He loves you.

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