You Are Not Alone

No matter how alone you may feel, Jesus has promised in His Word that He will be with you always (Matthew 28:19-20). Read the verses that are referenced in the video, and continue to search and study God’s Word for the promises that He has given to those who believe.



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  • Hi, I just wanna say that you were meant to do what you are doing now. Your video on youtube, Stop Worrying brought me here. Fact is your video made me cry and so I decided to check this out. I look forward to watching all of your videos I’m sure I will have an amazing journey with God as well. You are truly a blessing. Keep up the good work 🙂 Also, is there any way we contact you? like through email or something? I would really like to talk about my relationship with God and how to consistently trust in him. I watched Stop Worrying video in the first place because I am beginning to worry again and when I worry everything else follows, anxiety..depression, etc. I hope you can share some wisdom about it with me. Thank you Ann,29,PH

    • Ann, I can respond to comments or questions here. But I try not to get into private conversations through email with females simply as a rule. If you are needing to ask a private question, you can email me at the business email on the About page of my Youtube channel. I can ask my wife to respond if it’s a private question. If it’s something else, feel free to ask me here.

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