My 2 Year Old Saying Her Bible Verses

Here’s a sweet video of my 2 and 3 year olds saying their Bible memory verses that they’ve been working on lately. They were so excited to share these verses with you!


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    • Haha. Thank you. I’ve found that reading and praying about specific scriptures helps with memorization. Repetition is good, but allowing God to reveal a specific truth from a scripture to you really causes that scripture to sink into your heart, and then it always comes back when you need it. Obviously, my daughters are simply memorizing scripture at the moment, but we try to also explain the meaning behind it in words they can understand. Looking forward to the day when they accept Christ for themselves.

  • Very cute.
    Encouraging me to memorize Bible Verse.
    … and when I will have children in the future,
    I will teach them too…

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