I’m Done With Religion

There was a time in my life when I considered myself religious—I considered myself a Christian—but I did not know the real Jesus. I talked about Jesus, I sang worship songs about Jesus, I even prayed to God sometimes, but I did not know Jesus as my friend. In fact, I was scared to get to know Him because I thought there was no way He could love me after all the things I had done. Thankfully, the truth is that God loves us more than we can understand.

Listen to Troy Black’s interview sermon, I’m Done With Religion. In this sermon, I ask four questions that lead us to know the real Jesus. I answer these questions with religion’s answer and Jesus’ answer.

1. What is He like?
2. Why do I need to know Him?
3. How can I get to know Him?
4. How can I grow in relationship with Him?

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