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With the racial tension in America that has built up in 2016, we as believers in Jesus Christ need to focus on forgiveness. Jesus forgave us and brought us into fellowship with the Father by sacrificing His own life. We need to be willing to sacrifice our own pride in order to Do Community with each other.

God calls us to be untied in community as the body of Christ, so why do we let so many things stop us from truly doing community? As Christians, we are a part of the same body. We need to function together in order to fulfill our divine purpose of reaching the nations for Jesus.

Do Community Lyrics:

We weren’t made to do life on our own
You were not designed to face these struggles alone
But many of our actions say that there’s nothing wrong
With valuing independence over a place to belong

Some of us are sacrificing family on the alter of success
Thinking we’re making progress but really we’ve regressed
If we can’t learn to do this thing called community
Then we’ll end up individually becoming tragedies

It seems like every other brother and sister can’t stand each other
And the fathers are absent—like a family is worth less than another lover
Look around. We’re spending twenty four seven on our phones
It’s no wonder we feel so alone

And churches—yeah we’re often the worst
We call it “fellowship” and say it has to be scheduled of course
The world can actually be better at making people feel connected
But the truth is their love can never be perfected

If through the love of Christ we could overlook the denominational divide
If we could connect across race because of His Spirit on the inside
Then maybe we would be fulfilling Romans 15:7—by accepting one another
Instead of letting these differences separate us from true sisters and brothers

Now I’m not talking about overlooking sin in the name of tolerance
I’m talking about Ephesians 4—living in light of our deliverance
It says, “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace”
Or as in Philippians 2—can’t we look out for the interests of others at least?

But I guess that’s what happens when Jesus is removed from the scene
Believe it or not—separation from Him is the root cause of these things
You see, those who had promised to be there left Him in the end
Yet He still gave His very life for His friends

It was the gospel of Jesus Christ that spurred on the early believers
To love each other like their Savior—to be givers, not just receivers
They fostered community, but we prefer complacency
They opened up, but we put up walls and signs of no vacancy

Now if there is a desire in you to begin doing community
I dare you to start right here: invite someone into God’s family
If you get up each day knowing the love of the greatest friend
Then what’s stopping you from introducing Him?

No, we weren’t made to do life on our own
Please don’t believe the lie that says you have to be alone
Be an encourager, seek community, love like Christ—it’s time to begin
And even when you fail, Jesus will never stop being your Savior, your Lover, and Friend


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  • I was a. pastor for 30 years, we started out as a bunch of young single guys meeting in a home and then went to a building and grew to over 300, I met regularly with pastors every month and I realized I was a business…making His house a house of merchandise. We meet in homes now, I am much older now and praying that God would bring us disciples.
    I live in Ft Lauderdale and have a facebook and webpage bless you brother.

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