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I have received several requests and questions about using my videos in church services or during live events. I have provided downloadable links to some of my videos below, and I will be adding more videos as I have time. To make it easier for you to use during an event, these versions have had the promotional content removed from the end. If you download these videos, please take the time to read through this short list of rules. If you are interested in using my videos in a TV broadcast or through another media source, please contact me here.

Rules regarding usage of these videos:

  • You may download these videos for personal use.
  • You may also download these videos for use in church services, youth groups, Bible studies, or other live events. All I ask in return is that you join me in prayer that God would use these videos to reach people for Him.
  • Please do not re-upload these to Youtube or other video websites. If you want to share my videos online, I would appreciate it if you share the videos directly from my Youtube channel or Facebook page. If you need to re-upload one of these videos in order to show it during a service, that’s certainly okay.
  • I don’t mind if you re-upload a translated version of my videos. If you translate any of these videos into another language, please do not purposely change the meaning of the video at all. I would also appreciate it if you add a link back to my channel in the video description.
  • Please do not use these videos to insult or criticize Christianity. These videos are intended as ministry tools only.

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